Environment Variables

There are couple of environment variables that GNES respect during runtime.


Set to any non-empty string to turn on service-level time profiling for GNES.

Default is disabled.


Set to any non-empty string to turn on service-level memory profiling for GNES. Warning, memory profiling could hurt the efficiency significantly.

Default is disabled.


Set to 0 to turn off the warning like this object is not named ("name" is not found under "gnes_config" in YAML config), i will call it "BaseRouter-51ce94cc". naming the object is important as it provides an unique identifier when serializing/deserializing this object.

Set to 1 to enable it.

Default is enabled.


Git version of GNES. This is used when --check_version is turned on. For GNES official docker image, GNES_VCS_VERSION is automatically set to the git version during the building procedure.

Default is the git head version when building docker image. Otherwise it is not set.


Control port of the microservice. Useful when doing health check via gnes healthcheck.

Default is not set. A random port will be used.


(depreciated) Paths of the third party components. See examples in GNES hub for latest usage.


Temp directory for ipc sockets, not used on Windows.